Radhia Haddad

Radhia Ben Ammar Haddad was a Tunisian feminist activist, and former chairperson of the National Union of Tunisian Women. BIO 1922 | Born in Tunis 2003 | Died in Carthage LINKS fr.wikipedia.org READS Radhia Haddad, « la présidente des femmes »

Fethia Mzali

Fethia Mokhtar Mzali was a Tunisian politician who became one of Tunisia’s first two female ministers. CAREER 1983-1986 | Minister of Families and Women Empowerment 1974, 1979, 1981 | Elected to the house of representatives 1968 | Vice-president of the Tunisian Family Planning Association 1959 | Contributed to the foundation of the Tunisian Family Planning […]