City Museum

City museum, or Kheireddine Palace, is located at the heart of the Medina of Tunis. Constructed between 1860 and 1870, the palace is distinguished from the rest of the neighboring buildings with its glass facade giving on “Place du Tribunal”. The architecture of the palace is inspired by Italian buildings as wished for by Kheireddine […]

City Theater

Inaugurated in 1902, the city theater stands on the avenue Habib Bourguiba with its splendid Italian architecture designed by French architect Resplandy and decorated by the sculptor and decorator Belloc following the Art Nouveau movement. The architecture privileges harmonious curvatures and features sceneries of fauna and flora on its majestic facade. it also features Apollo […]

City Hall

The City hall building was designed by the architect-decorator tandem Wassim Ben Mahmoud and Ismail Ben Fredj following a design that reunites tradition and modernity at the same time with a facade constructed of rose colored marble. the building dates back to 1998 and stands on the hill of the historic Kasbah, surrounded by the […]

Cathedral St. Vincent de Paul

The cathedral St. Vincent de Paul is located in Place de l’indépendance at the heart of avenue Habib Bourguiba, not far from the City Theater, and facing the French Embassy. The Roman Catholic is dedicated to St Vincent de Paul, the patron of charity, and is the episcopal see of the Archdiocese of Tunis. The […]

Bab Bhar

Bab Bhar, or Gate of the sea in English, is one of the seven gates of the Medina. The old town was protected by the great ramparts and all the activities happened inside the wall of the Medina. This monumental gate, constituted by a low arch surmounted by a serrated parapet owes its name to […]

Zitouna Mosque

Zitouna mosque major mosque in the Medina of Tunis and the city as well. It is the oldest mosque in the city and covers an area of 5,000 square meters with nine entrances. Its minaret’s height is measured to 43 meters. It was founded in the early 8th century, but its current architectural form dates […]

MEL Zitouna Mosque

Dedicated to the iconic cultural-historic site. ARTISTIC APPROACH A text projection based on light (ar: nour) what is a key metaphor in the Quran. Detlef Hartung: Zitouna Mosque. Photos: Ouafa Ben Amor.

MEL City Museum

Dedicated to the artist Safia Farhat, who was the only woman artist of the arts and crafts network “Ecole des Tunis”. She was the first Tunisian woman to publish a magazine, and the first woman to direct the Tunis Art Academy. Text (fr) by Najet Abdelkader ARTISTIC APPROACH Animated text and image projection dedicated to […]

MEL City Hall

Dedicated to the path-making politicians of the past referring to Elyssa, the founder of Carthage, and to the present Najla Bouden, the Prime Minister of Tunisia, and to Souad Abderrahim, the Mayor of Tunis – both the first women in their positions in the Arab world. In addition, the site was dedicated to the iconic […]

MEL Cathedral St. Vincent de Paul

Dedicated to the iconic cultural-historic site of Tunis. ARTISTIC APPROACH An artistic reflection on the interaction of the cultural-historic site and the projection technologies applied Gudrun Barenbrock: Cathedral. Photos: Gudrun Barenbrock, Ouafa Ben Amor. ARTISTIC APPROACH Artistic research on the relation between the cultural-historic building and its architectural plan Zeinbeb Kaabi, Haifa Ouerfelli: Cathedral (1). […]

MEL City Theater

Dedicated to Fadhila Khetmi, Habiba Miska, and Saliha as three outstanding women artists that changed the standards of women’s roles in the performing arts. Text (fr) by Najet Abdelkader MISE EN LUMIÈRE: Pioneering Tunisian Women. Photos: Ouafa Ben Amor. ARTISTIC APPROACH Abstract visual compositions based on hand-drawn portraits of Fadhila Khetmi, Habiba Miska, and Saliha. […]

MEL Bab Bhar

Dedicated to the present-day award-winning athletes Ons Jabeur and Raoua Tlili, as well as to the historic figures Arwa La Kairouanaise and Aziza Othmana. Arwa La Kairouanaise is memorized as the pathmaker of the “Kairouan Contract” as a mutual agreement for monogamous marriage, and Aziza Othmana is known as a princess, politician, and philanthropist. Text […]

Eslem Sebri

Eslem Sebri is a business student and an art enthusiast. Her first experience as an art mediator was during INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS in July 2022 FORMATION 2022 | Tunis Business School BIO Born in Kairouan

Malek Khanteche

Malek Khanteche is sound technician for cinema and audiovisual productions. She is currently learning music theory and piano as she aspires to produce her own music. FORMATION 2020 | ESAD, Tunis BIO 1995 | Born in Tunis Lives in Tunis

Najla Bouden

Najla Bouden Romdhane is the prime minister of Tunisia and head of the government. She is the first woman in the Arab world to be appointed to the position. CAREER 2021 | Prime minister of Tunisia (first woman to occupy the position in the Arab world) 2015 | Cabinet of the Minister of Higher Education […]

Radhia Haddad

Radhia Ben Ammar Haddad was a Tunisian feminist activist, and former chairperson of the National Union of Tunisian Women. BIO 1922 | Born in Tunis 2003 | Died in Carthage LINKS READS Radhia Haddad, « la présidente des femmes »

Fethia Mzali

Fethia Mokhtar Mzali was a Tunisian politician who became one of Tunisia’s first two female ministers. CAREER 1983-1986 | Minister of Families and Women Empowerment 1974, 1979, 1981 | Elected to the house of representatives 1968 | Vice-president of the Tunisian Family Planning Association 1959 | Contributed to the foundation of the Tunisian Family Planning […]

Nihed Yahyaoui

EXPERIENCE 2022 | JAOU Photos, Art mediation and production assistant 2022 | INTERFERENCE, Art mediator 2018 | INTERFERENCE, Art mediator FORMATION 2019 | College LaSalle Tunis, Studied IPAO BIO 1999 | Born in Tunis

Shaima Sebri

Shaima Sebri is a fresh Business Intelligence graduate with wide-ranging intellectual curiosities and a keen interest in content writing as well as research. Currently, she’s a master’s student at the Higher Institute of Management in Tunis, majoring in Enterprise Systems Engineering. Shaima is part of Interference as an art mediator. In parallel to that, she […]

Souad Abderrahim

Souad Abderrahim is a Tunisian politician currently serving as the Mayor of Tunis. She is the first woman to occupy this notable position. AWARDS 2014 | Knight of the Tunisian Order of Merit CAREER 2018 | Elected Mayor of Tunis (first women to occupy the office) 2017 | Joined the executive bureau of Ennahdha 2011 […]


Saliha, also known as Salouha Ben Ibrahim Ben Abdelhafidh, was a Tunisian singer. She learnt how to sing by imitating the princesses in Mohamed Bey’s household while they learnt how to sing and play instruments. CAREER 1958 | Last concert 1938 | First stage appearance BIO 1914 | Born in Nebeur, Kef 1958 | Died […]

Fadhila Khetmi

Musician, Composer, Actor, Dancer, Presenter, Comedian, Networker. Maryoul Fadhila, a traditional clothing staple in the Tunisian women’s wardrobe was named after her. CAREER 1928 | 1st women to found a theater ensemble in tandem with Abderrazak Karabaka 1927 | Avenir Theater Ensemble 1920 | Arab Theater Ensemble BIO 1992 | Died in Tunis 1957 | […]

Habiba Msika

Habiba Msika, also known as Marguerite Msika, was a Tunisian singer, dancer and actress. She was raised by her aunt Leila Sfez, a singer and composer, who taught her how to sing. Often called the “first star of Tunis,” Msika rose to fame across the Maghreb and Middle East because of her beautiful voice and […]

Raoua Tlili

Raoua Tlili is a Tunisian Paralympic multi gold medalist competing mainly in category F41 shot put and discus. She defeated her condition (dwarfism) and achieved the impossible through her determination. CAREER 2020 | Summer Paralympics, Tokyo, won 2 gold medals 2019 | World Para Athletics Championships, won gold medal in the F41 shot put 2016 […]

Ons Jabeur

Ons Jabeur, also known as the minister of happiness, is a Tunisian professional tennis player. Currently ranking as World No. 2, she and her Tunisian team have caught the eye of Tennis fans around the world and managed to win many respectable titles over the last couple of years. AWARDS 2019 | Arab Woman of […]

Arwa La Kairouanaise

Arwa was the daughter of Mansour Ben Yazid Al Hamiri. She was the first to be wed with a monogamous wedding contract to the Caliph Abou Jaafar Al Mansour. BIO Lived in the 8th century. READS Arwa the Kairouanaise

Alia Menchari

The first female pilot in Africa and the MENA region. In 1978, She passed the theoretical aviation examinations with honors and obtained the presidential prize. She then made her way to become a pilot for the national aviation company Tunisair in a workplace dominated by men. CAREER 1981 | Tunisair, pilot STUDIES 1976 | Aviation […]

Tawhida Ben Cheikh

The first women to obtain the baccalaureate degree and first female Muslim Doctor in the Maghreb region. She worked a paediatrician and a gynaecologist pioneering in women’s health. Various tributes celebrate Dr Ben Cheikh including a hospital in her name in France, a Google Doodle in her honor on the 27th of March 2021, and […]

Om Millel

Also known as Al Sayda daughter of Al Mansour Ibn Youssef Al Sanhaji. She was raised and educated as the Muslim princesses were brought up. She took over as the leader of Al Qayrawan after her brother left for war until his heir Al Moez comes of age. She was the first women to be […]


Elyssa, otherwise known as Dido, is a Phoenician princess and the founder of Carthage in 814 BC. In Greek and Roman mythologies, Dido is the sister of Pygmalion. She fled Tyre to found Carthage after discovering that her brother was behind her husband’s death. The name, Dido, translates from Latin to the “Wanderer”. LINKS


Sound Designer / Music Producer dedicated to neo-jazz, hip-hop, and UK leftfield House LINKS

Aziza Othmana

As well called Fetima Othmana: She was a Tunisian philanthropist princess from the Mouradites dynasty. She is most known for financing a hospital on El Azzafine Street in the Medina of Tunis, which will later be named after her. She was named Aziza (EN: the cherished one) by the people who were particularly fond of […]

Emily Sarsam

Emily Sarsam is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural programmer, whose work revolves mainly around the mediums of independent publishing, sound and poetry. PHOTO Clément Arbib


TEXTE PAR NAJET ABDEKKADER HOTEL DE VILLE DE TUNIS Conçu par l’architecte Wassim Ben Mahmoud et le décorateur Ismail Ben Fredj dans un style qui allie la tradition à la modernité, l’hôtel de ville de Tunis s’élève depuis 1998, majestueux dans sa robe de marbre rose, sur le point culminant de la Kasbah, haut lieu […]

Najet Abdelkader

MISE EN LUMIÈRE Contribution: Text Najet Abdelkader was a professor of the French language and specialized in 17th Century theater. She directed the cultural service of the city of Tunis for more than 12 years. Until today, she is an intellectual anchorpoint in the contexts of arts and culture in Tunis. PUBLICATION 2015 | La […]

Safia Farhat

She worked on stained glass windows, drawings, paintings, bas-reliefs, frescoes, and tapestries. EXHIBITIONS 2022 |, BIENNIAL OF VENICE CAREER Since 1982 | Radès, Centre des Arts Vivants de Radès (founded by Abdallah and Safia Farhat, who donated it to the Tunisian state, today hosted by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Tunisia) 1966 | […]

Hela Lamine

Hela Lamine works on several artistic media such as drawing, engraving, painting, collage, fresco, and digital media. She collects, collages, and composes featuring experimental approaches to explore seen, sensed, and thought realities. EXHIBITIONS 2020 |, INSTITUT FRANCAIS 2019 |, CENTRAL 2019 |, OPEN ART WEEK 2018 |, Villa Dutoit 2018 | […]

Anja Kreysing

Anja Kreysing is a musician, sound artist, and visual artist. Her artistic focus is on performances, live soundtracks for silent films, electroacoustic environments, and improvised music with accordion and electronics. CONCERTS / PERFORMANCES 2022 |, GOLDSTUECKE Light Art Projects 2022 |, GESELLSCHAFT FÜR NEUE MUSIK, Klangzeit-Festival 2022 |, lab30 Medienknst-Festival 2022 | […]

Detlef Hartung

In tandem with Georg Trenz, Detlef Hartung realizes text-based art projects worldwide. Since 1996, they are are contributing to the artistic assessment of typography. Found sites in their architectural, socio-cultural, and historic dimensions have been hosting their projection works. EXHIBITIONS 2022 |, KLANGLICHT Festival of Light 2022 |, GOLDSTUCKE Light Art Projects 2022 […]

Achref Guesmi

2022 | El Kef, KIF EL KEF – INTERFERENCE Production 2022 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS Production 2022 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE ELECTRICAL DISORDER Production 2021 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE DIGITAL SHIFT Production 2019 | Houmt Souk, SEE DJERBA Production 2018 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE Production 2017 | Houmt Souk, SEE DJERBA Production 2016 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE Production […]

Zaid Abueisa


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