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About Snow Sheng Jie by Farah Sayem, Published on 9 July 2022.

“ I want the audience to feel comfortable with being in the middle of the artwork, not just watching it from a distance. “ Says Snow Sheng Jie

Snow Sheng Jie is a multidisciplinary artist with Chinese origins. She spent her university years in the Netherlands and Malaysia. The artist started with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and then switched to visual arts through her master’s degree in Frank Mohr Institute. She’s interested in experimenting with light and bright surfaces. 

Sheng Jie is deeply involved in the relationship between human and space through the medium of Shadow and light. She finds that light is our source of life and existence from the moment we exist, nourished by the sun’s rays. 

Items, products and engagement 

“I’m questioning the way that people are always hunting for new items. I just wanted to focus on what i have and let materials speak for themselves” Explains Sheng Jie 

The more things humans see, the more they want to have and own. To empower themselves through products and objects. During her studies in design, the artist considered that the field is part of a world that pushes consumerism and the development of fictional desires. in his book The Voice of the Earth, Thodore Roszak writes : ‘if psychosis is the attempt to live a lie, then the epidemic psychosis of our time is the lie of believing that we have no ethical obligation to our planetary home’.

Among her practices, Snow was always involved in creating artwork based on daily objects. She’s inspired by the interaction of the human bodies to those objects, trying to create a new reflection, engagement and perception to valorise what humans already owned. 

Living as an artist is a complicated mission 

“Light transforms the seed to a plant, the shadow to a light [..] Light performs and transforms. However,I don’t imagine myself abandoning the work on this medium.” Snow explains. 

The artist is still confused about how much time she should put into art and to work to support her living. Sometimes, there is no structure to follow in the arts and that’s so competitive. Yet her passion for art remains a key element of resistance allowing her to maintain her philosophy of life.

Snow Sheng Jie’s Artworks

Cocoon - Image Credit_ Sheng Jie
Phantom @ Gallery NP3 - Image Credit_ Sheng Jie
Phantom @ Gallery NP3 -- Image Credit_ Sheng Jie
Sunlight Study - Image Credit_ Sheng Jie
1 Cocoon. 2 Phantom @ Gallery NP3. 3 Phantom @ Gallery NP3. 4 Sunlight Study. Credit: Snow Sheng Jie


Snow Sheng Jie (Website & Instagram)


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