Zaid Abueisa: El Kef

SITE Medina of El Kef WHAT IS HIDDEN Made with a digital projector applied to urban ensembles Cellular structures of plants are made up of an interconnected network of small unit cells, struts, and plates that allow obtaining unique features such as minimal material requirements. high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent energy absorption, or transformation capacities. Inspired […]

Haifa Ouerfelli: El Kef

SITE Mausoleum Ali Turki, Medina of El Kef LUCIDUM Made with a digital projector applied to used CDs functioning as reflectors In the center of the space, a double-sided reflector is hanging freely in space and slightly moving. It is made of CDs using their unique reflecting properties. The circular reflector distorts a projected video […]

Camila Mejia: El Kef

Medrassa Husainia RESTLESS TILES Made with a digital projector applied on architectural surfaces When looking at nature’s close-up reveals its intricate patterns as visuals with unique esthetics. Based on the microscopic images of the photosynthesis processing, the artist manipulated the scientific material and developed a kind of digital tiles, organized in a repeating rapport, each […]

Wafa Lazhari: El Kef

SITE Medina of El Kef FROM ONE STATE TO ANOTHER Made with a digital projector applied to architecture The digital animation features natural processes of change and transformation as a digital instead of a natural transition. With cells as pixels, coded tissues, and digital morphing replacing natural change, the artist generates new imageries of an […]

Hamza Chakroun: El Kef

SITE ETERNAL TREE Made with a digital projector applied to built surfaces The artist developed a digital animation depicting a tree in slight movement in an endless repetition. The artificial representation, evenly animated by a digital wind, is shown on sealed surfaces where no rainfall can penetrate into the soil, and therefore many of the […]