Communication within the INTERFERENCE community and the Medina of Tunis, via social media and with press and print media is cared for by a collective of communication designers. INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS COM Designers INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS COM Team


For the visual documentation of artworks, production, mediation, and communication of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM, there is a collective of young photographers that accompany all the activities.   INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS DOC Photographers INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS DOC Team


The TEXT ME program accompanies the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM: Young curators, art mediators, or art critics write on the artists and the artworks developed in the program.


28 – 31 July 2022 THU – SUN 8:00 pm to Midnight At all sites, art mediators welcome the audience, gladly provide info and answer questions, and share the making of stories of INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS. ART MEDIATION COLLECTIVE ART MEDIATION TEAM The YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM is accompanied by a program on audience care and […]


The preparations of sites, the technical setup, safety measures, and maintenance are cared for by a collective of builders and technicians.   INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS PRODUCTION Builders INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS PRODUCTION Team


The artists are accompanied by accomplices who assist them to develop, build, and document their art work. ACCOMPLICES ACCOMPLICES Team