Achref Guesmi

2022 | El Kef, KIF EL KEF – INTERFERENCE Production 2022 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS Production 2022 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE ELECTRICAL DISORDER Production 2021 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE DIGITAL SHIFT Production 2019 | Houmt Souk, SEE DJERBA Production 2018 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE Production 2017 | Houmt Souk, SEE DJERBA Production 2016 | Tunis, INTERFERENCE Production […]

Ouafa Ben Amor

Ouafa Ben Amor is a Tunisian creative designer and digital marketing strategist. with over 14 years of experience in media, graphic design, interiors, and product design, the talented Ouafa Ben Amor started her studies at the Institute of Press and then moved to the School of Science and Design technologies in Tunis ( ESSTED) and […]

Elyes Yahyaoui

Elyes Yahyaoui is an architect, who graduated in 2020 from the Private Polytechnic School ” Ibn Khaldoun ”. He is a very resourceful person with a love for art and interaction with artists, he was part of INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis 2018’s edition and part of this year’s 3rd edition of YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM […]

Sherazade Al Adhamy

Sherazade Al Adhamy is an architect by background and currently, she is a Community Manager at “Garicom”. With an academic background in architecture at The National School Of Architecture And Urbanism (ENAU) and an interest in Makeup, Sherazade enjoys using her skills to contribute to every aspect of her work. Surrounded by art since her […]

Cyrine Bettaleb Ali

Cyrine Bettaleb Ali is a Marketing research student and Marketing manager of an online gallery, making her first steps in curatorial practices. She is based in . She is influenced by the culture of her region and history. This makes Cyrine always look for what is behind the things she says, because she does […]

Kenza Jemmali

Kenza Jemmali studied architecture, she is an emerging curator based in Tunis. She is strongly interested in a transdisciplinary approach that tackles art and architecture. She is always observing the space surrounding us and its relation to the art produced. Questioning and understanding different art practices is what drives her. She is starting to get […]

Amin Gharbi

Amin Gharbi is a management consultant based in Tunis. In 2017, Amin started doing consultancy missions in grant-writing, monitoring, and evaluation for local, national, and international NGOs. Working in this field helped raise his sensitivity for aspects such as cultural challenges, social impact, and human rights. In 2016, he joined INTERFERENCE, the international light art […]

Meriam Gaied

Meriam Gaied (she/her) is an IT engineering student at INSAT and curator in training with TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS based in Tunis (tn). She aspires to find peace and inspiration through art and its impact on the viewers amidst these unusual circumstances. Following the dynamics of one’s being in the environment, she questions the existence through […]

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