Nour El Houda Ghanem

Holding a certificate in photography and a master’s degree in curating from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse, Nour el Houda has a huge experience with lights and cinematography. She describes herself as an experimentalist with photons, reflectors, and also sound philosophy in order to give a memorable experience to the audience. She […]

Dora Touati

Dora Touati is a product designer and currently working on her research project about the representation of the conceptual design process in design schools, Throughout her academic years, she acknowledged that design is a very enriching field that nurtured her mind and awakened her senses. So it pushed her to explore life and thus through […]

Feyrouz Nouri

Feyrouz Nouri is currently a cultural mediation student at the Higher Institute of Animation for Youth and Culture and the general secretary of Tunisia and the South Korea Friendship Association at Sfax. To practice more in her study field, Feyrouz is part of the art mediators with YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project […]

Omayma Laabidi

Omayma Laabidi, is currently an architecture student at the National School of Architecture and Urbanism (ENAU) and an art mediator with the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis. With a beautiful mix of architecture study and art interest, Oumayma Laabidi is keen on life and art discovery. Defined herself as a creative, […]

Nawres Bensalah

More commonly known as Orchids0nacid, Nawres Bensalah is a Tunisian-based self taught and freelance 3D artist. Largely inspired by the surrounding textures and common objects, she seeks to create a work fueled by a familiarity and a sense of nostalgia to the individual. She proves a great love for experimenting with light, photogrammetry and surrealism […]

Ouafa Ben Amor

Ouafa Ben Amor is a Tunisian creative designer and digital marketing strategist. with over 14 years of experience in media, graphic design, interiors, and product design, the talented Ouafa Ben Amor started her studies at the Institute of Press and then moved to the School of Science and Design technologies in Tunis ( ESSTED) and […]

Elyes Yahyaoui

Elyes Yahyaoui is an architect, who graduated in 2020 from the Private Polytechnic School ” Ibn Khaldoun ”. He is a very resourceful person with a love for art and interaction with artists, he was part of INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis 2018’s edition and part of this year’s 3rd edition of YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM […]

Asma Aydi

Holding a bachelor’s degree in economics, Asma Aydi continues to be a curious individual with varied interests, art being an important component that she’s always on the search to learn more of. Combining her love for art and her desire for constant growth, Asma joined YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis to […]

Khadouja Tamzini

Khadouja Tamzini is a Tunisian geomatic student that best describes herself as being “full of life”, a life lover, creative, ready for new experiences, and always going beyond the fear of the unknown. She has always been attracted to the artistic field in all its forms. Five years ago she wanted to explore one of […]

Souha Kbaier

Souha Kbaier is an artist and a product designer who freshly graduated from The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in and is currently part of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis 2022. Introducing herself as a stoic humanist who wants to live a better life, Souha’s designs […]

Yossra Cherni

Yossra Cherni defines themselves as part of space and out of it, studying at the Higher Institute of Environmental Technologies, Urbanism and Construction They joined YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis to write another chapter in their book of life, one that is filled with art experiences and knowledge, out of […]

Hajer Allani

Hajer Allani is a visual artist who has an engraving license from The Higher Institute of Fine Arts in (ISBAT). The visual artist uses various media like ink drawings, painting, illustration, photography, and engraving in her work. Her source of inspiration is specifically her childhood, our daily life experiences, and the different possible psychological […]

Arij Bouchami

Arij is fascinated by art and human existence regardless of how mysterious they both remain to her. She is a visual arts student at Tunis Institute of Fine Arts (ISBAT) and a cinema enthusiast. Life is her muse with its good, bad, and everything in between. She catches beauty in life’s most mundane monotonous aspects […]

Farah Sayem

Farah Sayem is a product designer and currently a master’s student in social management and curator in training at TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS. She is particularly interested in investigating the physical and political dimensions of urban space in dialogue with the culture of its inhabitants. For her, curation highlights the power of arts to break down […]

Kenza Jemmali

Kenza Jemmali studied architecture, she is an emerging curator based in Tunis. She is strongly interested in a transdisciplinary approach that tackles art and architecture. She is always observing the space surrounding us and its relation to the art produced. Questioning and understanding different art practices is what drives her. She is starting to get […]

Cyrine Ghrissi

Always thinking to understand and to answer questions linked to us as humans living in this contemporary era. Cyrine Ghrissi focuses on rediscovering and reviving the narratives that had been written by ‘others’ and missed the female statement. Although she has a different academic background, Cyrine Ghrissi has been studying online Contemporary Art, Women in […]

Janet Sebri

Janet Sebri is an artificial Intelligence engineer, a junior curator and project co-coordinator at INTERFERENCE since 2020. She joined the INTERFERENCE community in 2018 where she worked in the Cultural Heritage Studio. In the 2020 edition, Janet has joined the INTERFERENCE curatorial team. CURATORIAL STATEMENT INTERFERENCE introduced me to the opportunity for the experience that […]

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