Dana Kaoukji

Dana Kaoukji is a multidisciplinary artist/curator from no specific country. Fascinated by Water as an art medium, its different function, its technique as a very dynamic, changing character, and pure and transparent element. Dana’s challenge is to create water between the artists/artworks, the audience, and the art institutes, to smoothly mix these three main elements […]


21 May 2022 YMP What is art Associations BP 21.5.2022 ITS22 AM Experimental Art & Art Experience BP 21.5.2022 14 May 2022 ITS22 Art Mediation Light & Artforms BP 14.5.2022

Rahma Jmaiel

Rahma Jmaiel is a Chinese literature and civilization student, initiating her journey in curatorial studies with TASAWAR Curatorial Studios. In 2021 she joined the INTERFERENCE community where she worked as an art mediator and artist assistant in the INTERFERENCE light art festival. During the last couple of years, Rahma had multiple interactions with artists in […]

Kathleen de Meeûs

Kathleen (she/her), known as Kat dems, is a freelance illustrator and curator based between Brussels and Tunis. Facing a compartmentalized world, violently unequal, in which the dominant and dominated social classes barely meet, she believes that art has the ability to build bridges. Her projects seek to connect artists with different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences […]

Aya Bseiso

Aya Bseiso (b. Tunis, 1995) is based in Amman. Her practice relies heavily on research, text, and sampling of various archival materials. Aya is interested in experimenting with the various ways it is possible to engage, build relationships, and embed oneself in distant ecosystems—traveling between borders—by utilizing telepresence, simulating micro-climates, or rendering landscapes that probe […]

Sarah Steger

Sarah examines the fragility of humankind and the fragility of human life. This does not only concern the human body in its physical existence, but also the fragility of the environment and of the concepts and ideas that humankind seeks to build up and maintain. Preferring to work with day-to-day materials, which are discarded and […]

YMP22 Workshops

19 February 2022 (online), 10.00 am to 12.00 pm.tn Introduction to YMP 26 February 2022 (online), 10.00 am to 12.00 pm.tn What is art? What is an artwork? What is artistic research? What does it mean “working with light and light-based media?” Introduction to the concept of PHOTOSYTHESIA 5 March 2022 (online), 10.00 am to […]

Snow Sheng Jie

How do humans perceive space under different circumstances? Are we more inspired in darker spaces? How can we stimulate interactions within a confined area? Snow Sheng Jie brings these questions to her installation works. Her works often involve light&shadow projection, and interactive sound and light approach. Snow is interested in exploring the relationship between humans […]

Mohamed Mezghani

Tunis-based visual artist Mo Mezghani was entangled in the digital visual realm the moment he made his first contact with it. Mo’s visual art practice revolves around digital art and video processing. He takes special interest in 2D texture ambient designs, which are in principle immortalizations of momentary perceptions in the form of single frames […]

Oumeima Medini

Born in Tunis in 1994, the designer and visual artist Oumeyma Medini has a master’s degree in product design from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Tunis and a certificate in Styling and Modeling. Oumeyma Medini works with a variety of mediums including painting, watercolors, collages, installation, and projections. As a visual artist, Oumeyma […]

Rim Harrabi

Rim Harrabi is a multimedia artist, editor, and independent documentary filmmaker. She participated in the Women in Dox program, where she directed and produced two documentary films in a women’s collective, which were screened at the FESPACO festival. Last year, she presented a video installation in the K-OFF section at the Cinema Gabes Fan festival. […]


WORKSHOPS All workshops will take place online, from 20 July to 4 August all art mediators should be onsite ONLINE SA 2:00 – 5:00 pm.tn 14 May 2022 Contemporary Art 21 May 2022 Art Experience / Art in Public Space 11 June 2022 Audience Care / Art Mediation 25 June 2022 Navigation, Neighborhood, Hospitality ONSITE […]


We met on 10 February 2022 online and discussed for hours who to provide with the opportunity to join the YOUNG MASTER PROGRAM 2022. The four jury members and the artistic directors came to a decision in an atmosphere of open, controversial, and productive discussion. We were supported with information, assessments, and thoughtfulness by the […]

Cyrine Bettaleb Ali

Cyrine Bettaleb Ali is a Marketing research student and Marketing manager of an online gallery, making her first steps in curatorial practices. She is based in Tunis.tn . She is influenced by the culture of her region and history. This makes Cyrine always look for what is behind the things she says, because she does […]

Kenza Jemmali

Kenza Jemmali studied architecture, she is an emerging curator based in Tunis. She is strongly interested in a transdisciplinary approach that tackles art and architecture. She is always observing the space surrounding us and its relation to the art produced. Questioning and understanding different art practices is what drives her. She is starting to get […]

YMP22 Timeline

28 January 2022 INFO SESSION (online) 6 February 2022 OPEN CALL 10 February 2022 JURY 19 February 2022 to 19 July 2022 (online) YOUNG MASTERS Artists’ Workshops 14 MAY 2022, 10.00 pm to 2.00 pm YOUNG MASTERS ARTISTS / TEXT ME AUTHORS Short introduction of all / Matching artists-authors 25 June – 2 July 2022 […]

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