Hamza Chakroun

Hamza is a 36 years old product designer. With the experience of nearly 20 years as a 3D designer, a field he is so passionate about, especially in architecture. He has recently started practicing his 3D Design knowledge to create Digital Art. As the 3D design is Hamza’s preferred media, he uses 3D software like […]

Siryne Eloued

INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS El Kef 2022 EXHIBITIONS 2022 |, INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS 2020 |, UTOPIE VISUELLES, Gallery Elbirou STUDIES Since 2021, Sousse Art Academy, Curatorial Studies 2016 – 2020, Higher Institute of Multimedia Art, BA BIO Lives in 1994 Born FEATURED IMAGE Siryne Eloued

Siryne Eloued

After two years of higher education in psychology, Siryne joined the Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba, where she obtained a diploma in cinema: writing and directing. Her career is punctuated by several participations in workshops and exchange programs, notably at the Danish film school in Copenhagen. She oscillates between cinema, video art, photography, […]

Rim Harrabi

Rim Harrabi is a multimedia artist, editor, and independent documentary filmmaker. She participated in the Women in Dox program, where she directed and produced two documentary films in a women’s collective, which were screened at the FESPACO festival. Last year, she presented a video installation in the K-OFF section at the Cinema Gabes Fan festival. […]

Emna Essoussi

Emna Essoussi is the coordinator of the TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS 2021-2022. She shares the tasks of the TEXT ME coordination and organization with Sara Mari Blom | INTERFERENCE.


WORKSHOPS All workshops will take place online, from 20 July to 4 August all art mediators should be onsite ONLINE SA 2:00 – 5:00 14 May 2022 Contemporary Art 21 May 2022 Art Experience / Art in Public Space 11 June 2022 Audience Care / Art Mediation 25 June 2022 Navigation, Neighborhood, Hospitality ONSITE […]


We met on 10 February 2022 online and discussed for hours who to provide with the opportunity to join the YOUNG MASTER PROGRAM 2022. The four jury members and the artistic directors came to a decision in an atmosphere of open, controversial, and productive discussion. We were supported with information, assessments, and thoughtfulness by the […]

Cyrine Bettaleb Ali

Cyrine Bettaleb Ali is a Marketing research student and Marketing manager of an online gallery, making her first steps in curatorial practices. She is based in . She is influenced by the culture of her region and history. This makes Cyrine always look for what is behind the things she says, because she does […]

Kenza Jemmali

Kenza Jemmali studied architecture, she is an emerging curator based in Tunis. She is strongly interested in a transdisciplinary approach that tackles art and architecture. She is always observing the space surrounding us and its relation to the art produced. Questioning and understanding different art practices is what drives her. She is starting to get […]

Héla Doghri

Hela Doghri is a fashion designer, artisanal ceramics and a junior curator based in Tunis. As a socio-cultural activist, she has a been participating in different projects like FAM festival, Freep: The Expo, and Pskch. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 2021 | | INTERFERENCE | YOUNG MASTEERS PROGRAM | Junior Curator 2021 | | Collectif Créatif […]

Amin Gharbi

Amin Gharbi is a management consultant based in Tunis. In 2017, Amin started doing consultancy missions in grant-writing, monitoring, and evaluation for local, national, and international NGOs. Working in this field helped raise his sensitivity for aspects such as cultural challenges, social impact, and human rights. In 2016, he joined INTERFERENCE, the international light art […]

Meriam Gaied

Meriam Gaied (she/her) is an IT engineering student at INSAT and curator in training with TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS based in Tunis (tn). She aspires to find peace and inspiration through art and its impact on the viewers amidst these unusual circumstances. Following the dynamics of one’s being in the environment, she questions the existence through […]


Katerina Mirovic recommended artists from the 2021 edition of SVETLOBNA GVERILA produced in Ljubljana. The international light art project features experimental approaches and emerging artists working with light and light-based media since 2008. It is an urban ab to explore artistic strategies in public space, often with transdisciplinary approaches. The project is accompanied by cross-academic […]


Irene Urrutia, curator of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM, and Andrea Moeller, director of MEDIA ART FRIESLAND recommended artists from the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM Leeuwarden 2021 to join. The YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by MEDIA ART FESTIVAL (MAF) is an exhibition of existing works that have been selected by a team of scouts, either at graduation shows […]

Hanen Mahfoudh

Hanen Mahfoudh is an interior designer and a curator in training, based in Tunis/Sousse. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 2022 | | INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project: Team Member 2021 | | KITAB LAB: Curatorial Assistance 2021 | | KLF | 7ayi Boustil: Production Assistance 2021 | | INTERFERENCE Electrical Disorder: Artist Assistance 2021 […]

Cyrine Ghrissi

Always thinking to understand and to answer questions linked to us as humans living in this contemporary era. Cyrine Ghrissi focuses on rediscovering and reviving the narratives that had been written by ‘others’ and missed the female statement. Although she has a different academic background, Cyrine Ghrissi has been studying online Contemporary Art, Women in […]

Janet Sebri

Janet Sebri is an artificial Intelligence engineer, a junior curator and project co-coordinator at INTERFERENCE since 2020. She joined the INTERFERENCE community in 2018 where she worked in the Cultural Heritage Studio. In the 2020 edition, Janet has joined the INTERFERENCE curatorial team. CURATORIAL STATEMENT INTERFERENCE introduced me to the opportunity for the experience that […]

YMP22 Timeline

28 January 2022 INFO SESSION (online) 6 February 2022 OPEN CALL 10 February 2022 JURY 19 February 2022 to 19 July 2022 (online) YOUNG MASTERS Artists’ Workshops 14 MAY 2022, 10.00 pm to 2.00 pm YOUNG MASTERS ARTISTS / TEXT ME AUTHORS Short introduction of all / Matching artists-authors 25 June – 2 July 2022 […]