Zeineb Kaabi


Sabra Achour

Sabra Achour is a photographer and video editor in her last year of studies at Carthage Arts Academy (AAC) in With experience in making music video clips and short movies, Sabra shows talent and good skills in the fields that she likes and practices. Currently, she is experimenting with her creative and artistic competencies […]

Farook Sfaxi

Farook Sfaxi is a visual maker and “image eater” as they wants to call themself. They holds a research master’s degree in design from The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in The visual artist is Interested in contemporary art, comics and illustration. Implementing their visual skills and graphic design talent, Farook […]


Communication within the INTERFERENCE community and the Medina of Tunis, via social media and with press and print media is cared for by a collective of communication designers. INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS COM Designers INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS COM Team


For the visual documentation of artworks, production, mediation, and communication of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM, there is a collective of young photographers that accompany all the activities.   INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS DOC Photographers INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS DOC Team

Anne Fie Salverda

Anne Fie Salverda is an animation artist, that creates animations, both digital and analog, and live visuals with music. Interested in creating new worlds and creating a certain atmosphere, The young animator has exhibited animation films and has been part of different art initiatives; KOMPOST: Nahrung für den Geist, an initiative of Popfabryk, New Nordic […]

Martina Dal Brollo

Martina Dal Brollo (Trento, Italy 1990) graduated in 2020 from the Frank Mohr Institute with a Master degree in Media, Art, Design, and Technology. She previously completed her studies in Spain at the Fine Art Academy of Barcelona and then moved to Beijing for a short working period. Martina has a cross-disciplinary approach that developed […]

Achraf Remok

Achraf Remok is a young curator and writer residing in Rabat, Morocco. He has a BA in Cultural Studies and is pursuing a Masters in Gender Studies. He is also a Diptyk magazine culture journalist and a former cultural mediator and editor at ‘Le Cube’, an independent art space. As a writer, Achraf’s personal book […]


.KUNST.LABOR.STADT.PLATZ is a public art project by the local network of art initiatives, projects, and institutions, financed by the City of on the occasion of the city’s 800s jubilee. LINKS UNTER ORTEN developed by INSTITUT FOR FINE ARTS Marburg under the direction of Klaus Lomnitzer and Bettina Pelz .KUNST.LABOR.STADT.PLATZ Kunstlabor […]

Eslem Ouederni

Eslem Ouederni is a computer science student and works as a coding instructor for women to help them learn new hard skills such as computer and technical skills. Recently joined the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis as an art mediator, Eslem is keen to learn and to meet new friends. Through, […]

Omayma Laabidi

Omayma Laabidi, is currently an architecture student at the National School of Architecture and Urbanism (ENAU) and an art mediator with the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis. With a beautiful mix of architecture study and art interest, Oumayma Laabidi is keen on life and art discovery. Defined herself as a creative, […]

Yasmine Bessaida

Freshly graduated from high school, Yassmine Bessaida is a young joyful, and talented student, who is working to improve her skills and enhance her knowledge for a better version of herself. In this regard, Yassmine believes that her participation in the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis is the best opportunity to […]

Nawres Bensalah

More commonly known as Orchids0nacid, Nawres Bensalah is a Tunisian-based self taught and freelance 3D artist. Largely inspired by the surrounding textures and common objects, she seeks to create a work fueled by a familiarity and a sense of nostalgia to the individual. She proves a great love for experimenting with light, photogrammetry and surrealism […]

Yassine Naimi

Following a long-lasting passion for art and architecture, Yassine Naimi is now making his first steps into the art field by joining YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis. Although Yassine is pursuing a master’s degree in private law, he is keen to fulfill his passion. Starting by applying as an art mediator, […]

Ouafa Ben Amor

Ouafa Ben Amor is a Tunisian creative designer and digital marketing strategist. with over 14 years of experience in media, graphic design, interiors, and product design, the talented Ouafa Ben Amor started her studies at the Institute of Press and then moved to the School of Science and Design technologies in Tunis ( ESSTED) and […]

Oussama Hrizi

Oussama Hrizi is an ambitious young visual artist, he’s a sailor in the sea of visual arts and loves to venture into its islands on a journey of self-discovery. He started studying at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Nabeul in 2021 and will be doing painting as a major next year. Experiencing art […]

Nessma Mabrouki

Nessma Mabrouki is a cinema student, currently studying directing and screenwriting at The Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba (ISAMM). Nessma Mabrouki is someone who is diving into the artistic world, In her hometown, Nessma practiced a lot of artistic activities like theater, painting, ballet, and photography. She is very passionate about art and […]

Nesrine Hamouda

With an Interior design bachelor’s degree from The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in, Nesrine Hamouda is a designer who likes to create and live unique experiences with different people and communicates with art through art. To expand her experience, Nesrine Hamouda who currently owns her own independent polymer clay business […]

Amine Medbouhi

Amine Medbouhi is a theater actor, drama teacher, and cultural activist based in Algiers, Algeria. He is constantly looking for the human reflection that resides within the exterior space or within the concept of otherness, with the aim of understanding that process of projection and the similarities between everyone and everything. A curiosity that he […]

Hamida Sdiri

Hamida Sdiri is an energetic and easy-going person who, despite pursuing an English for communication degree at The Higher Institute of Languages in, is always thirsty for knowledge and experiences in various fields. This year, Hamida was selected to be part of the public light art event YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art […]

Maram Gara

Maram Gara is an accounting student at The Higher Institute of Management in (ISG) and is highly interested in art. Looking always for new experiences in an environment that is characterized by interaction, and working with motivated and interpersonal people, Maram has joined the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis.

Elsa Lafaye

Trained in law and political science, Elsa has a master’s degree in the Mediterranean and the Middle East Region. After several internships in various structures (administrations, associations…), she decided to specialize in communication and cultural programming. Thus, on the occasion of “The Maghreb-Orient des Livres” (MODEL), an annual festival based on literature and publishing, Elsa […]

Hayet Chaouach

Hayet Chaouach is a product designer pursuing a master’s degree in design for sustainable development at the Higher Institut of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in Surrounded by creative minds, Hayet developed her creative vision which led her to explore different media, techniques, and styles of her passion for all types of art. She […]

Nour Marzouk

Nour Marzouk is a master’s student in digital marketing and a graphic designer. Passionate about the artistic and entrepreneurial field, Nour is always looking for new experiences and new challenges. Currently, she is an art mediator with the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis.

Hammouda Raouf

Hammouda Raouf is a student at the Institute of Higher Business Studies of Carthage (IHEC) Showing his academic background, Hamouda has different interest in physics, science, art and business administration. With a combination of what he is interested in, the creative student has created a startup to help emerging artists. Being active both as […]


YOUNG MASTERS WEB Team ONLINE TUE 7:00- 9:00 pm 24 May 2022 MO 7:00 – 9:00 30 May 2022 11 June 2022 25 June 2022 4 July 2022 11 July 2022 18 July 2022 25 July 2022 ONSITE Upron agreement ONLINE 2 July 2022 ONLINE The TEXT ME Authors will present all artists online […]


YOUNG MASTERS’ ACCOMPLICES Team ONLINE SA 10:00 – 12:00 28 May 2022 4 June 2022 11 June 2022 25 June 2022 23 July 2022 1 August 2022 ONSITE 25 June to 6 July Pre-Production ONLINE 2 July 2022 ONLINE The TEXT ME Authors will present all artists online ONSITE 16/17 July 2022 Visiting the […]

Ahlem Chihaoui

Ahlem Chihaoui is an oil painting practitioner and a printmaking student at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of (ISBAS). The art student describes herself as a candid person who’s always up for challenges, someone who is sensitive to critical situations, and an occasional perfectionist. Reading about art mediation and learning how fun and […]

Elyes Yahyaoui

Elyes Yahyaoui is an architect, who graduated in 2020 from the Private Polytechnic School ” Ibn Khaldoun ”. He is a very resourceful person with a love for art and interaction with artists, he was part of INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis 2018’s edition and part of this year’s 3rd edition of YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM […]

Dora Zgolli

Dora Zgolli is a second-year student in mathematics with a focus on data analysis and decision support. Head of Communication and Production Circle at Esprit School of Business Bmovie Club and director and writer for the B, an art magazine, Dora showcases ambition, creativity and talent. Her curiosity and love towards words and art pushed […]

Asma Aydi

Holding a bachelor’s degree in economics, Asma Aydi continues to be a curious individual with varied interests, art being an important component that she’s always on the search to learn more of. Combining her love for art and her desire for constant growth, Asma joined YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis to […]

Mohamed Iheb Ben Salah

Mohamed Iheb Ben Salah is a graphic designer, he studied at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts Tunis (ISBAT), currently, he works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Mohamed is a creative and analytical person with an admiration for arts which he sees as an escape for the soul, pushing him to move further […]

Sherazade Al Adhamy

Sherazade Al Adhamy is an architect by background and currently, she is a Community Manager at “Garicom”. With an academic background in architecture at The National School Of Architecture And Urbanism (ENAU) and an interest in Makeup, Sherazade enjoys using her skills to contribute to every aspect of her work. Surrounded by art since her […]

Molka Chaabane

Molka Chaabane is a sound engineer and a gardener. Throughout the years, Molka’s curiosity pushed her to engage in several activities such as music, painting, and sports. In the hope to find herself, she digs into nature and art as she believes that nature inspires us and teaches us about ourselves and art translates and […]

Khadouja Tamzini

Khadouja Tamzini is a Tunisian geomatic student that best describes herself as being “full of life”, a life lover, creative, ready for new experiences, and always going beyond the fear of the unknown. She has always been attracted to the artistic field in all its forms. Five years ago she wanted to explore one of […]

Alma Kchouk

Alma Kchouk is a product design student at the Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in With time, Alma has developed their own artistic vision as well as their skills, and by merging both their potential and their particular vision they’re constantly working on a world they created, to make it more […]

Ons Msilini

Ons Msilini is a person who puts extra attention to details and projects beauty. Ons is eager at carrying out a wide variety of design and development projects and can readily conceptualize new ideas as needed. Alongside her studies, Ons’s experience has taught her important things; creative imagination and effective implementation. This year, Ons is […]

Hayatt Sadia

Hayatt Nour Sadia Diallo means in Arabic “a luminous life”. Hayatt thinks that her first name is quite suitable for the INTERFERENCE Light Art Project experience because it is a perfect reflection of her personality; her universe is bathed in the passion of her art itself enlightened by the architecture that she has chosen as […]

Karim Ben Halima

Karim Ben Halima is a business graduate with a master’s degree in finance from the Business School of Sfax. He has a passion for visual arts, filmmaking, and art in public spaces. He works as a freelance photographer and is currently documenting the local cinema festivals he visits as part of a promotion of the […]

Souha Kbaier

Souha Kbaier is an artist and a product designer who freshly graduated from The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in and is currently part of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis 2022. Introducing herself as a stoic humanist who wants to live a better life, Souha’s designs […]

Yossra Cherni

Yossra Cherni defines themselves as part of space and out of it, studying at the Higher Institute of Environmental Technologies, Urbanism and Construction They joined YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis to write another chapter in their book of life, one that is filled with art experiences and knowledge, out of […]

Anis Hmama

Anis Hmama is an audiovisual design student at The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in With more than 3 years of experience as a freelance videomaker, the visual artist had practiced and developed various designs and creative skills. Adding to his visual competencies, Anis Hmama is also a photographer. Curious about […]

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